Consolidation and Virtualization

Consolidation and virtualization are among the latest strategies for reducing contact center costs. Genesys | Echopass solutions enable you to leverage economies of scale with larger agent pools that seamlessly handle multiple location interactions, improving customer service while reducing the cost of agent resources.

Echopass | Centralized Reporting for Multiple Sites in a Virtual Contact CenterMulti-site Queuing and Routing

Housing all resources in a single location is not always the best option for a contact center. Disaster recovery, growth and shifting resources acquired through a merger or acquisition are examples of why a multi-site approach to customer care may be necessary or even preferable. Genesys | Echopass can support a robust consolidation strategy with cost-effective universal queuing and routing across all locations. Building a consolidated organization to operate under a common set of business rules provides a more consistent customer experience in a cost-effective manner.

Single View Administration

Provisioning an agent is not easy task in most contact center environments. While the act of entering agent information may be simple, the process must be repeated multiple times across multiple applications including routing platforms, workforce management systems and call recording systems. Manually entering and re-entering information is time-consuming, prone to mistakes, and costly. With EchoSystem Manager, administrators have a single dashboard for provisioning and administering all agents across all applications and locations from a single provisioning screen, eliminating manual re-entry that can lead to error and impair productivity.

Centralized Reporting

Reporting across multiple contact center locations has historically been challenging for most companies. The proliferation of media channels, applications and multi-site deployments has increased the number of disparate and separate reports that contact center mangers must create, monitor and review. Genesys | Echopass reduces the burden of multi-site reporting with EchoReports, which features consolidated, central reporting across media types, applications and locations. EchoReports is readily accessible through an easy-to-use web-based interface that supports remote access.

End-to-end Network Management

As contact center activity continues to grow in scope and complexity, so do the costs and challenges associated with managing an end-to-end process across various solutions and network providers from multiple vendors. Some vendors may promote a unified solution that compromises depth and quality for consolidation and may not be suitable in today’s highly competitive and demanding environments. With Genesys | Echopass cloud-based contact center solutions, you can leverage best-of-breed technology and outsourced end-to-end management, alleviating headaches and hassle, and reducing costs.

SIP-based Infrastructure

The flexibility of SIP-based contact centers are driving down the cost of customer care dramatically. Lower-cost IP solutions are replacing expensive proprietary solutions and older TDM telephony networks, and enabling significant capabilities at a fraction of the cost. Genesys | Echopass solutions are built entirely on an SIP platform to provide enterprises a full-featured, cost-effective and flexible contact center solution.

Cloud-based Architecture

For most enterprises, the potential cost savings are a primary driver for moving to the cloud. Additional benefits of migration to a cloud-based architecture include:

  • Eliminating the need to purchase inflexible premise based hardware and software.
  • Creating the ability to scale up or down quickly.
  • Expanding the cloud seamlessly to other geographic locations.
  • Enjoying the freedom to reallocate IT resources.

With more than a decade of providing 100% cloud-based contact center solutions to the most demanding large enterprise clients, Genesys | Echopass has the expertise, innovation and commitment to help businesses succeed in the cloud.