Get Educated at CX17

Join us for our first CX17 Education Day on Monday, May 22. Available only for CX17 attendees, Education Day classes provide a better understanding of the leading challenges in CX strategy optimization. Times and locations will be posted soon. Additional classes may be added.

Change Management in a Time of Constant Change

Today’s era of rapid technology innovations, information overload, and constant change is stressing organizations ability to meet customer demands for channel choices and seamless, low effort interactions. Enlightened organizations recognize that investing in change management is as critical as investing in technology and process redesign to achieving CX objectives. Attend this session and learn how to utilize a change management strategy that understands the impact of technology, enables employee engagement and drives performance to heights that will wow your customers. 

Speakers: Jodi Thompson and Eric Taillefer

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Plan It, Prove It

Building an Effective Workforce Management Strategy. Effective workforce management enables a contact center to consistently meet customer demands as efficiently as possible. In this session we discuss how to build an effective Workforce Management strategy by examining its value proposition, understanding best practices, and discussing common challenges. Come to learn about the benefits of effective planning. 

Speakers: Dan Rickwalder and Chuck Swain

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Effective IVR and Call Routing Design

The goal of IVRs and call routing is to get the interaction to the right resource as quickly as possible with the least amount of customer effort. Overly complex designs can become unmanageable, overly simple designs can drive transfers, callbacks, and undermine your efforts to increase self-service adoption. This session will provide DIY tips to design efficient, user friendly systems your customers will use and promote. 

Speakers: Chip Funk and Lawrence Hodgson

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The Omnichannel Contact Center

Omnichannel is challenging contact centers to take a fresh look at how they manage the changing dynamics of delivering on the brand promise. Understanding the strategic value and adapting your contact center to the new age is an imperative in meeting your CX objectives. This session will get you thinking about the gaps in your strategy and get you on the path to your desired future state. 

Speakers: Marilyn Saulnier and Sue Harkreader

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