Analyst Webinar

Is It Time to Move Your Contact Center to the Cloud?

Featuring Art Schoeller, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

If Agility Is Essential to Your Business Survival—Now’s the Time to Start the Move to Cloud!

The maturity of cloud platforms has given organizations new confidence in moving mission-critical systems to the cloud, to gain agility, scale and realize cost benefits in the process. How can your company achieve these benefits, and what steps are necessary to begin your contact center’s inevitable move to the cloud?

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  • Why is it the right time to move contact centers to the cloud?
  • How does increased business agility trump cost savings?
  • How does a cloud contact center drive simplification?
  • How are public architectures and cloud roadmaps accelerating innovation?
  • What are the guidelines for starting a move to cloud?

Learn if a cloud contact center is right for you!

Meet the Speakers

Art Schoeller
Art Schoeller

VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester

Ron Stevenson
Ron Stevenson

Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Genesys.

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