Preserve Customer Experience Consistency and Loyalty in a Multi-Sourced Cloud Contact Center

Multi-Sourcing is an Advantage for Contact Centers—But Gains Depend on Implementation

Preserve Customer Experience Loyalty in a Multi-Sourced Cloud Contact Center

Many companies are moving to multi-sourcing for contact center agents, largely in pursuit of the cost savings that can come from flexibly tapping into a variety of labor pools. The trend is also growing because multi-sourcing enables contact center resources to be rapidly scaled in either direction to align with business growth, call volumes and seasonality.

Still, multi-sourcing is not without peril—particularly the risk of negative impact on customer service and, thereby, damage to customer loyalty and brand. Nor are all companies that have adopted multi-sourcing realizing the expected levels of savings.

This whitepaper describes how a common hosted contact center platform fits into a multi-sourcing environment. We show how this type of hosting strategy enables companies to avoid the pitfalls of multi-sourcing while fully realizing its potential for delivering appreciably better service more economically than ever before.

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