Genesys Offers Cloud Self-Service IVR, a Genesys Whiteboard Discussion

In this Genesys whiteboard discussion, you will see how Genesys delivers three cloud self-service IVR solutions to suit the needs of any business, from on-demand, to point and click configuration, to platform-as-a-service.


Let’s face it: all businesses are not created equal.  Some businesses are small and changed daily as they strive to achieve rapid growth.  Other long-established businesses, have already proven their core competency and are looking to increase their already sizable market share. 

At Genesys we understand this. That is why we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all IVR solution for our customers.  Instead, we offer a variety of IVR solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. 

Genesys offers 3 cloud-based self-service IVR solutions that we’ll outline in this chalk talk video.  Genesys also offer a premise-based IVR solution, however we won’t focus on that here. 

Before I review the 3 cloud IVR offerings, let’s set the stage by first answering why you should consider a cloud solution for your IVR.

The cloud offers several straightforward benefits.  First, by eliminating CAPEX, many companies find cloud solutions easier to budget for when paying out of their OPEX budget – plus you only pay for what you use. 

Second, a cloud solution frees up your IT resources to focus on other higher priorities, rather than having them manage multiple, disparate systems. 

Finally, cloud solutions are future-proof.  By opting for cloud, new features and functionality are always being added to the solution – but without the upgrade fees associated with on-prem applications. 

Now lets look at the 3 cloud-based self-service IVR offerings from Genesys.

First, up is an on-demand solution with pre-provisioned capacity for phone numbers and telephony.  This solution is ideal for small to mid-sized, dynamic businesses who want business-user control over their IVR applications.  Specifically, this solution requires no technical coding capabilities to create, update or manage your IVR application.  So, it allows businesses to continuously improve their application – and their customer experience.

The second is an enterprise IVR infrastructure with a drag-and-drop IVR tool manager, so the creation and management of your IVR is intuitive and can be done by either technical or business owners.  This tool also provides easy configuration of routing options for those who utilize Genesys routing or may want to in the future.

The third option is a Platform-as-a-Service solution.  Here, Genesys manages all the infrastructure on your behalf.  The VXML IVR code is retained – and maintained – from inside your data center.  Through a secure connection, we serve up your IVR to your callers from our platform. 

All three solutions sit on Genesys Voice Platform, and offer robust analytics for troubleshooting and continuous improvement to increase automation rates.

Now that we have looked at the 3 offerings for our cloud-based IVR solutions, which one looks right for your business?

If you’re not quite sure, we’re here to help. For more information on Genesys IVR solutions available around the world visit the IVR section of our website, or request a demo.


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