Genesys CRM Integration with IVR, a Genesys Whiteboard Discussion

In this Genesys whiteboard discussion, you will see the benefits of integrating the IVR with a CRM system to personalize the caller experience and enhance the customer experience.


IVRs are not generally known for creating good customer experiences.  In fact, the opposite is true – they have a reputation for creating frustrating interactions.  But, did you know that with a CRM integration, an organization can transform that IVR experience from a poor and static one, to one that exceeds the expectation of the customer and saves them time -- all while saving the organization money? 

In this chalk-talk video we’ll dive into some of the benefits you will get from an integrated IVR and CRM solution. 

Most cloud CRM systems, such as or Zendesk, include APIs that allow external applications to read data from, or write data to, the CRM system. An IVR can be connected to these APIs over a secure web connection and use the information from the CRM to create a dynamic caller experience as well as to provide value to the back office side of the business.

As we see in this diagram, the CRM is accessed at the very beginning of the call to determine if the caller can be identified. If the caller ID is found in the CRM’s customer record, then custom menu options can be played that are pertinent for that specific customer.

For example, if they have an open support case, or an outstanding order, that information can be used to dynamically offer the caller an option that pertains to their open item since it’s usually the reason for the call. If they're calling about something else, the normal caller options can be presented as secondary options.  And since the integration is read and write, any information collected from the caller, like menu options selected or data entered into the IVR, can be written back into an existing case or record.  Alternatively, a new case or record can be automatically created in the CRM if needed. 

Well-designed IVRs can produce high rates of self-service and call containment.  But, not all calls can be automated.  In cases when the caller requires assistance from a live agent, data from the CRM and the interaction from the IVR can be used to improve those assisted-service interactions. 

For example, as seen in this example, an order number can be pushed to the agent. This push of information speeds up the caller’s interaction with the agent since the agent doesn’t need to ask for the number and instead can launch directly into addressing the caller’s issue. 

Any cloud CRM, proprietary CRM, or database can be used to accomplish these improved customer experiences.  The simple requirement is the database needs to be web accessible to either pull data from the CRM or push data to it. 

For more information on Genesys IVR solutions and to discuss how our award winning IVR can connect with your CRM, please visit the IVR section of our website, or request a demo.

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