Call Delivery Options in the Cloud, A Genesys Whiteboard Discussion

Call delivery options are important in the Cloud because your customers still need to talk to you. Yet, telecom costs are typically as much as the actual Cloud contact center costs, so is vital to know your options. Genesys is here to help you deliver high quality calls while minimizing costs. We’ll review your different options: PSTN and MPLS, the variation in costs and what to expect as far as timing and the delivery of these options.

Cloud Delivery Options


Hi. I'm Terry Stocking from the Genesys cloud architecture team.

I'm here today to talk to you about Genesys call delivery to the cloud. I'm going to talk about a few different points.

Number one -- cost. There's a cost for delivering the calls to the cloud. We're going to run through what that looks like.

Number two -- there are two different legs. One leg going from the caller to the cloud, and another leg going from the cloud to the agent.

And number three -- time. Sometimes you might want to do things quicker than others. We've got a couple different alternatives on how you can deploy this, and some different options from a timing perspective.

So number one -- cost. when you communicate with the cloud, it requires having infrastructure to reach the cloud. And this telecom cost can amount to a lot of money. It can actually be to about the same amount of money as the IVR and ACD portions ofthe cloud alone.

Secondly, we've got a couple different options on ways to connect to the cloud. One of them is the PSTN, or the Public Switch Telephone Network. This is your regular phone network that you would call through, just like today.

The second one is MPLS. This is a dedicated network which allows you to use a dedicated data network to transport voice over. The MPLS network, if provided, allows you to reduce costs by up to 75 percent over the switch network.

So this gives you a couple different options on ways to connect to the cloud to reduce your costs.

Another key part of connecting to the cloud is bursting. Normally you have a static amount of bandwidth. By using something like MPLS, it allows you to be able to burst above your static amount of bandwidth, allowing extra flexibility.

And lastly down here, we've got time. Normally it takes about 90 business days, to install a data network, such as MPLS, whereas the Public Switch Telephone Network can be used immediately

Many customers have decided the best option is to use the Public Switch Telephone Network and then migrate to the MPLS network, which is the lower-cost network, over time

So there's your three different options for looking at the Genesys call-delivery method. I'm Terry Stocking, and if you've got any other questions, please contact Genesys

Thank you.

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