ZoomSystems provides automated retail solutions for leading retailers and brands worldwide. Their end-to-end automated retail solutions include integrated hardware, software, and managed services.

With a distributed network of field personnel servicing over 1,500 locations, ZoomSystems felt the pressure on their contact center telephony platform – needing to reduce call hold times, efficiently support on-site technicians, and increase the kiosks uptime averages.

When ZoomSystems looked to make contact center software enhancements, as they are cloud-based, they were attracted to the benefits of a cloud contact center solution, namely: cost flexibility, ease of configuration, and scalability for peak demand periods

They looked at a variety of cloud-based providers that could meet their key requirements: reliability/uptime, customer support, feature richness, and cost.  When they evaluated all their needs, the Genesys Premier Edition – Virtual Contact Center (VCC) came out on top.

By modernizing their contact center software with the Genesys Premier Edition - VCC, ZoomSystems delivers a positive customer experience that will greatly improve their operations and keep their brands and customers coming back.


  • Uptime increased to their goal of 99%,  a 2% improvement
  • Expected hold time decrease of approximately 4 minutes
  • Live answer rate increased from 30 to 75%
  • Call abandon rate decreased from 25 to 7%

“With Genesys we now have remote agents logging in virtually as if they were in the call center. Walking through issues and quickly helping agents in the field was the most attractive to us and Genesys delivers that.”

Michael Shaw
Senior Vice President of Operations


  • Modernize call center to seamlessly support remote agents and technicians
  • Deliver disaster recovery requirements to virtually manage call center
  • Improve contact center efficiencies to service growing base of enterprise level retailers