Find out how Videocon ensures personalized and professional customer service through a proactive engagement strategy that supports business growth targets.

The Videocon Group, a well established Indian industrial conglomerate, founded Videocon d2hH in order to enter the direct broadcast satellite market. Videocon d2h recently launched Direct-to-Home services in the domestic market, competing against local cable and satellite television providers. The organization’s objective is to increase subscriber numbers by four million year-on-year.

Videocon d2h’s four contact centers handle all customer inquiries about the new television service, and they support various regional languages. The business sought a contact center solution to connect each contact center to the data center, in order to ensure excellent customer service levels for their rapidly growing client base. 

The company now uses several Genesys solutions to optimize resource utilization and to deliver an excellent customer experience. Self-service multilingual options automatically handle routine phone inquiries about product and account information, credit card and voucher payments, and service and technical support requests ― while the platform routes more complex requests to an appropriate agent. What’s more, the virtual customer service solution allows the company to lower costs, increase flexibility, enhance performance, and boost customer service. 

“The Genesys solution plays a very important role by allowing our agents to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction while optimizing resource utilization and processes. It is critical to both the business and our customers, and will help us to handle an ever-increasing customer base,” says Vinay Tyagi, Head of Call Center Technology, Videocon d2h.


  • Can now support a rapid rise in subscribers, thus enhancing revenue streams
  • Realized 100% uptime even during peak demand
  • Able to support high daily call volumes as the customer base increases (IVR call volumes will rise from 150,000 to 1.2 million, while contact center call volumes are set to rise from 110,000 to 800,000)
  • Enhanced efficiency and customer service levels based on real-time priorities
  • Self-service multilingual options automatically handle routine phone inquiries, while the platform routes more complex requests to an appropriate agent
  • Integrates with the company’s CRM software to deliver a personalized and professional service via proactive engagement
  • Efficient reporting process aids contact center management
  • Allows an open standards-based IP infrastructure to operate with Verint voice recording technology ― lowering costs, increasing flexibility, and enhancing performance

“The fundamental enablers for managing the customer experience, ensuring 24/7 customer service, and growing our customer base are high availability and scalability. The Genesys solution provides all this, along with high efficiency, flexibility, and post-sales support to help us meet our objective of total customer satisfaction.”

Vinay tyagi, Head of Call Center Technology, Videocon d2h


  • Penetrate the Direct-to-Home (DTH) television market and grow the customer base by 850% by 2015
  • Equip four contact centers with appropriate technology to ensure stable, high availability, and scalable telecommunications environments
  • Implement an efficient IVR capability to maximize the customer experience through self-service capabilities
  • Maintain and retain all contact center activities for reporting purposes