Find out how the State of Michigan Department of Human Services has relieved workloads, increased efficiency, and boosted service levels.

The State of Michigan Department DHS administers federal funds for public services ― such as food, medical, financial, and heating assistance, and child protection and family welfare services ― through a network of approximately 100 state-wide offices. With the local economy in a downturn, the DHS faced an unprecedented demand on its services, which threatened to overload its caseworkers. This challenge required a major rethink of its call center operations.

“Over a 24-month period the number of people seeking food assistance rose by 25%, but some DHS offices were not delivering timely benefits because caseworkers were overloaded by a manual application process,” explains Tess Layman, Director of Leveraged Services for the Department of Human Services. To increase efficiency, the agency turned to Genesys solutions.

Using Genesys, routine phone inquiries are now automatically and efficiently handled by self-service options depending upon each person’s profile and history. In addition, the agency’s enhanced Web presence now enables claimants to submit and check the status of applications online.

Says Layman, “Over the last 13 months, the Genesys solutions have handled 496,145 phone calls to our offices without involving a caseworker. At an estimated five minutes per call, that relates to several thousand hours per month released for caseworkers to conduct more complex work. And, with our new online capability, we have received 188,300 application forms without those people having to enter an office to see a caseworker ― a massive time saving at one hour per interview.”


  • Over 13 months, Genesys solutions have handled 496,145 phone calls, freeing up several thousand man hours per month. Agents now have more time to work on complex cases.
  • The online capability automatically feeds application forms to the IVR database so clients can determine their application’s status without involving a caseworker.
  • One hour per form for 188,300 forms represents a massive time saving.
  • The scalability of the GVP solution will support other assistance programs and forms the foundation for a consolidated IVR platform.

“With the Genesys solutions in place, caseworkers now spend considerably less time on each case application, and can focus more on getting assistance payments out on time.”

Tess Layman, Director of Leveraged Services for the Department of Human Services, State of Michigan


  • Process a rising number of phone inquiries and applications for food assistance more efficiently
  • Reduce the number of routine inquiries handled by caseworkers
  • Lower the number of clients visiting DHS offices
  • Cope with an anticipated deluge of new applications for food assistance
  • Deliver assistance payments on time as mandated by the state governor