Securus Technologies, Inc., a Texas-based provider of inmate communications services, delivers call management and communications services for approximately 2,200 correctional facilities, along with a variety of payment services for over 850,000 inmates in 44 states, and their friends and family members.

Securus was relying on an outdated premise-based IVR and contact center platforms that had grown costly to maintain and upgrade, and couldn’t keep pace with users requirements. A 70% IVR call containment was less than satisfactory and the platforms couldn’t allow the analytics needed to track funding rates.

Today, Genesys provides cloud-based IVR services that allow Securus to maintain 24 x 7 call center services, quickly implement changes, and protect personal customer information with high security including PCI compliance. Genesys scalability allowed Securus to embrace the instant surge in customer demand once online payment services went live.

Securus reduced call center labor costs by half, even as monthly call volumes in the IVR doubled from 1.8 million to 3.2 million. A series of enhancements including service refinements and new call sequences has improved IVR call containment to 83%. Securus continues to grow its business and increase automating through the cloud-based Genesys Customer Experience solution that has resulted in year-over-year increases in funding collection.


  • Year-over-year increase in collecting funding via inbound and outbound services
  • Quick ramp up whenever Securus wants to add a new capabilities
  • Ability to make informed decisions, based on specific analytics

“Genesys cloud-based services have had a real impact on our bottom line, not only decreasing call center labor costs, but also increasing revenue by enhancing the customer’s experience. .”

Michele Hughes, Director of Call Center Operations, Securus


  • Revamp costly, outdated, premise-based IVR and call center platforms
  • Increase IVR call containment to reduce rising labor costs