Read the full story of how Russcollector increased revenue, boosted employee productivity levels, and hit targets faster.

Russcollector is a Russian collections agency that recovers debts on behalf of the country’s top banks, insurance firms, utilities, and telcos. Based in Moscow, its representatives support customers across 64 Russian regions.  

The Russian debt collection business model requires agencies to bid for the right to collect a client’s debts. To maximize a return on this investment, the agency must then locate and retrieve debts as quickly and efficiently as possible. As such, the contact center is central to Russcollector’s business.

To operate effectively, Russcollector needed a communication infrastructure to track and support agent performance. The company turned to Genesys solutions to help reduce call handling times, automate its outbound functions, and ensure more efficient interactions between customers and staff.

“The contact center plays the key role in our business, and our ultimate success hinges on its performance,” says Alexander Bogachenko, CIO, Russcollector. “We aim to lead the Russian debt collection market. The linchpin of our success is efficient interaction among all our team members for the good of our customers.”


  • Revenue is up 35%
  • Agents are working at 97% productivity ― up from just 60% previously
  • Service targets are being met
  • Can now analyze previously unavailable metrics, and processes have been streamlined
  • Return on investment in less than a year

“Genesys is one of the few companies that embody its brand promise almost entirely. Put simply, the majority of functions are implemented just the way we expected them to be.”

Alexander Bogachenko, CIO, Russcollector


  • Wanted to optimize contact center operations to support high growth business
  • Needed to track and support agent performance
  • Wanted to reduce call handling times and automate outbound functions
  • Needed help to meet and report on SLAs