Founded in 1837, Procter & Gamble serves 4.8 billion consumers around the world. It faced an awareness challenge around high efficiency (HE) detergent. Since digital interactions can play a big role in the path to purchase P&G saw an opportunity to use the mobile channel to attract consumer interest and connect with its fabric care brands.

It was critical to make the transition to HE detergent easy and strengthen the new relationship via a compelling, longer-term engagement strategy. Designed to engage consumers at the key Point of Market Entry, the “Tide Text for Tips” SMS marketing campaign offers laundry tips, stain solutions and special offers from the Tide brand.

The incentive to opt in is a chance to win a year’s supply of Tide HE detergent, and opted in consumers receive messages once every two weeks.

The campaign is ongoing and successful. It has been extended three times.


  • 48,000+ subscribers
  • Low opt-out rates

"It is our understanding that this is one of the first programs of this type in the company, and we are looking at ways to make it even bigger."

Kim Wiethorn, Marketing Leader, North America P&G Alliance Innovation Team



  • Use the mobile channel as an effective way to attract consumer interest and connect with Procter & Gamble fabric care brands