Founded in 2012, New York City-based Plated is a food delivery service that makes it easy for customers to create healthy, chef-designed recipes at home. When Plated was featured on Shark Tank on ABC TV in 2014, the heightened media attention brought an influx of new customers, but the company was challenged to scale contact center operations to meet demand.

By integrating Genesys with their existing Zendesk deployment, Plated gained new insight into call volume and staffing needs, while creating efficiencies that led to both happy agents and happy customers. Learn how this powerful combination of these two cloud-based solutions allowed Plated to enhance customer loyalty and drive massive growth.

“Success depends on our ability to scale to meet customers’ expectations, and we have a great partner in Genesys, who can turn things around on a dime and support this growth.”

Nick Taranto
Co-Founder and Co-CEO