Japan has led the personal computer industry since the dawn of the "NEC" brand. As NEC sought to integrate the domestic PC business of NEC and Lenovo, NEC personal computers reached a critical turning point on July 1, 2011. The strengths of the NEC product development capabilities and user support, with the aim of rapid provision of more innovative and competitive superior products and services were due to the synergistic effect of the Lenovo technology and global business and supply chain. 

The core of the NEC Personal Computers strong customer support is supported by its 121 Contact Center, providing customer support 365 days a year with Genesys playing a major role in this contact center system that capitalizes on the power of IT and provides flexible and timely customer support.


  • Highly-reliable voice infrastructure with an availability surpassing 99.8%
  • Nearly double the response rate after the implementation of Genesys
  • Reduction in number of repair request calls by 19,000 in 2.5 months with the auto-diagnosis menu

“We highly value the reliability of the Genesys system that achieves almost 100% of functionality as a voice infrastructure, and its flexibility that realizes our vision of customer service”

Mr. Masahiko Nishi
Manager, ICT Strategy Division,
NEC Personal Computers, Ltd


  • Improving the response rate
  • Improving customer’s troubleshooting skills
  • Improving management efficiency in contact centers