Find out how National Bank of Greece introduced its new i-bank brand to offer a choice of alternative service channels, attract a new generation of customers, reduce costs, improve sales opportunities, and gain market share.

The National Bank of Greece (NBG) holds a dominant position in its domestic market. It has seven million customers (out of a total population of 11 million) and a network of nearly 600 branches. Formed in 1841, it is seen as one of the country’s more venerable institutions. However, this reputation can be a double-edged sword. While some see the bank as traditional and secure, others view it as old and unwieldy ― and neither viewpoint is compelling to the Millennial Generation of customers. With this in mind, NBG launched a new initiative called i-bank.

i-bank incorporates many customer service channels ― such as phone, Internet, email, Web chat, in-branch video kiosks, video calls, ATMs and mobile services. The business objectives are to attract new business by allowing customers to interact with the bank via the channel of their choice; to educate existing customers on the benefits of using alternative channels; to increase customer satisfaction; and to increase sales and improve the bottom line. NBG looked to Genesys solutions to support and optimize all i-bank operations.

Genesys solutions prioritize interactions based on customer segmentation and smart routing ― which ensure that high value customers are given priority handling and lower value customers can take advantage of self-service options. To connect video kiosks within i-bank branches to the contact center, there are seven licenses for Genesys Virtual Customer Service solutions. The kiosks enable customers to make video calls to the contact center, carrying out the same transactions as a traditional phone call, but with an additional layer of (visual) security.

Judged purely in terms of volume, the contact center is going from strength to strength. Customer interactions are being handled more quickly, are routed more effectively, and resolved to a satisfactory conclusion ― all of which strengthens the credibility of the contact center. Traffic driven to the alternative channels through the two i-bank stores is now ten times greater than through traditional NBG branches.


  • Better monitoring of contact center performance, improving agent training and establishing KPIs
  • Reduced transaction costs by steering banking processes from in-branch environments to alternative channels
  • New customer service delivery options (including video calls from i-bank channel), creating point of difference and establishing market leadership
  • Creates appropriate new channel for new segment of the market and helps educate existing customers on benefits of alternative channels
  • First call resolution rate increased to 82%

“Alternative channels are the future of banking, and we seek to be on the leading edge.”

Pericles Papaspyropoulos, head of Contact Center Sector, National Bank of Greece


  • Attract younger, tech-savvy customers to the bank by offering an array of alternative communication channels
  • Reduce costs through increase in automated internal processes, as well as an increase in customer self-service options
  • Monitor and optimize agent performance
  • Lead the market in terms of new products; create a point of difference in a crowded market place