Maryland-based Melwood is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to finding employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. More than 1900 Melwood-trained workers are employed at 70 contract sites in the Washington, D.C. region.

Vehicle donations are a chief source of revenue for Melwood. Employees and volunteers field phone calls concerning donation inquiries, completing the necessary paperwork, and making arrangements for vehicle pickup. But the phone system had become a limiting factor. Even as the vehicle donation program grew, an in-house system upgrade was beyond the organization’s budget.

With cloud-based Genesys Premier Edition – Virtual Contact Center (VCC) Melwood was able to replace their previous contact center at a fraction of the cost of a hardware upgrade, and in just one day. 

Now Melwood easily keeps pace with the fluctuations in donation calls, which rise in the evenings and during tax season. In fact, the more efficient donation process has the organization considering expanding its donation efforts beyond vehicles.


  • Built, tested and deployed a new contact center solution in one day
  • Allowed for instant scalability during peak contact center traffic and empowers expansion of program
  • Deployment costs were $0 compared to $150,000 quote for new hardware-based system

“I sat down with my Genesys account rep and he built the system right in front of me as I described what features I needed and how it would be used. He then tested and deployed the program that same day.”

Ron Farrin
Director of Vehicle Donations


  • Replace current hardware-based contact center solution
  • Provide a cost-efficient solution built for scalability and expansion