The non-profit, non-partisan International Republican Institute (IRI) is committed to advancing freedom and democracy worldwide. Among its activities, IRI sends delegates to observe election processes to insure they are open and transparent.  

When these delegates wrote observations in a notebook, it took two to three days from the time elections were observed, to when information was reported and compiled. To address this issue, IRI considered a web-based approach, but limited internet access in remote, sometimes undeveloped, areas made this unrealistic.

Instead, IRI turned to a cloud-based self-service IVR survey application from Genesys that provided an easy to deploy and use telephone-based solution that facilitated data collection and reporting. As a result, during an election in Nigeria 17 monitoring teams were able to use satellite phones to complete an eight-question survey or leave messages on the voting process at each poll location visited. The information was instantly sent to IRI headquarters and incorporated into the overall findings.


  • Deployed 17 monitoring teams across Nigeria with satellite phones
  • Gained immediate access to polling reports
  • Cut reporting times down from 2-3 days to real time
  • Provided citizens and policy makers with real-time info to validate electoral processes 

“A great advantage of Genesys is the empowerment. The user-friendly and intuitive solution enabled me to easily create my own application.”

Shawn Beighle
Information and Technology Director
International Republican Institute


  • Automate monitoring and reporting of global elections
  • Decrease reporting and compilation timeframes
  • Provide access and track processes without internet access