Find out how focusing on the ‘Service Factor’ lead to quality improvements, increased efficiency and effectiveness, and an optimal customer experience.

Groupama Rhône Alpes Auvergne (GRAA) is a leading insurance and banking company in France. GRAA’s business strategy is to offer the ultimate customer experience. However, a challenge was that once agents answered a call, they often weren’t doing a good job resolving customers’ queries because they didn’t have the right skills or all the customer information they needed. GRAA also wanted to reduce the number of abandoned calls made to its contact center, and to increase first contact issue resolution.

GRAA sees Genesys solutions as key to their goal of creating a new conversation with customers by delivering real satisfaction through innovation. GRAA now uses Genesys to understand the workload, make best use of resources, and make decisions about how best to run its contact center operations.

“Genesys allows us to compute the ‘quality of service’ metric in real time for each team and present that graphically to everyone from supervisors and agents in the contact center, to the CEO and my own team,” Philipe Vayssac, Customer Manager Project Owner at GRAA explains. “Customers see exactly how long they’ll have to wait before their call will be answered, specific to how they choose to make their call — be it from a smartphone, Skype, or landline.”

The secret of GRAA’s solution is that Genesys allows the callback request to be placed in the same work queue as incoming calls, so agents are simply presented with the callback rather than a new incoming call for their next task. Customers can also access all the functions of the company through a visual, rather than a voice, interface in the form of a Smartphone app that visually guides customers through appropriate menus to interact more easily with Groupama’s contact center agents. The application integrates Web self-service with the ability to contact a live agent in a seamless experience.


  • Genesys improves agent efficiency by 20%, saving GRAA €3 million (USD$ 3.9 million) per year
  • Improved quality of service equals 30% increase in sales revenue
  • Ensures precise estimation of call-back time, with average call-back time just seven minutes
  • Increased customer and agent satisfaction
  • Reduced number of abandoned calls
  • Minute-by-minute workload forecasting enables effective staff management
  • iPhone app — called Groupama toujours là, — a ‘mobile innovation’ in customer service

“Genesys provides us with flexible building blocks that we can easily put together in new and innovative ways to create features that allow us to be more competitive."

Philipe Vayssac, Customer Manager Project Owner, Groupama


  • Make real improvements to ‘quality of service’ — not just answer calls quicker
  • Deliver real customer satisfaction through innovation
  • Introduce new communication channels that work for the customer, not just the company
  • Deliver cost savings through efficiencies and increase sales revenues through effectiveness