Front Line is enhancing customer service levels while also lowering costs, increasing flexibility, and enhancing performance.

Front Line is a leading business process outsourcing services provider in the Russian Federation. Front Line serves the business-to-business and business-to-consumer sectors by promoting clients’ products and services, and Front Line’s customers can subscribe to a wide range of service offerings.

The initial business strategy involved creating a contact center equipped with the latest communication technologies, employing professional agents to handle outgoing and incoming calls, and ensuring the best service experience possible. Front Line concluded that Genesys was the best strategic partner to deliver the robust, scalable, and cost-effective customer experience solutions needed to fulfill this strategy. “From a technical perspective the Genesys solution was the overall winner,” declares Tatiana Irge, Director General, Front Line. “The Genesys suite integrates our customer service operations and business processes seamlessly.”

Today, Front Line operates a reliable and scalable contact center infrastructure that supports a rising client base and enhances revenue streams. The organization has simplified administration and maximized resource availability, which is especially helpful during peak call times. Moreover, the high-availability Genesys solutions integrate fully with Front Line’s CRM software and social media channels to deliver personalized and professional service via proactive engagement.


  • Contact center architecture supports an increasing client base, while enhancing service delivery and revenue streams
  • Supports business growth; agent numbers have increased from 50 to 150 and the contact center currently handles 7,000 incoming and 20,000 outgoing calls daily
  • High-availability technology delivers 100% uptime during peak demand
  • Enhances contact center efficiency and customer service levels, satisfying all clients’ Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Supports an open standards-based IP infrastructure, lowering costs, increasing flexibility, and enhancing performance
  • Offered a rapid return on investment and makes a valuable contribution to the local economy; forecasts indicate the contact center will create 700 jobs

“Thanks to the Genesys suite, we can offer all of our customers the high levels of service they expect, and the solutions have delivered a rapid return on investment.”

Tatiana Irge, Director General, Front Line


  • Create a reliable, high-availability, and scalable contact center voice architecture to support clients’ products and services
  • Employ appropriate contact center solutions to support rapid business growth in the governmental and commercial sectors
  • Ensure the new contact center technology integrates fully with the organization’s in-house Customer Relationship Management system
  • Meet clients’ varying Service Level Agreements (SLAs)