Germany’s largest network-independent telecommunications provider, with a strong emphasis on digital lifestyle, the freenet Group, is committed to providing a wide range of digital lifestyle products and services – from mobile, voice and data services to different mobile devices and products including smart home utilities and applications. It utilizes a variety of distribution channels, including online and direct sales, 6,000 retail points in over 550 shops, consumer electronics retailers and telecom stores.

However, this assortment of business platforms also posed a technology challenge. As products and services become increasingly complex, customer care reps require an ever-higher level of competency. As a result, freenet  had to get its contact centers up to speed to meet growing demands. Moreover, after several corporate mergers, approximately 1,000 freenet agents had to be incorporated into the already-complex optimization strategy.

The objective of the contact center optimization project was to improve the efficiency and quality of processing customer requests made by phone or in writing by using skill and value-based routing. Another requirement was to implement routing concepts, so that workforce management intervention would become an exception. The new system was to transform an outdated and manual procedure into a centralized and automated process at the heart of the customer care.


  • Optimized customer care system
  • Increased degree of automation
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced need for training
  • Increased employee motivation

"There was no doubt that we had to have a new control unit for skill-based routing. But, the new solution would also need a logical approach that would positively impact employee satisfaction."

Birgit Geffke
Customer Care Manager
freenet Group


  • Integrate 1,000 agents into complex optimization strategy
  • Enhance efficiency, quality, and employee satisfaction — and the skill set of its staff