Find out how SAMU 44 saves lives by improving call handling speed, reducing the rate of abandoned calls, and ensuring a robust technical platform for the future.

SAMU 44, a French emergency medical service provider, receives over 470,000 calls a year and has created 170,000 electronic medical control files (DRM) in an area with over 1.2 million inhabitants. Like all service providers, SAMU 44 must meet the challenges of handling an increased workload without taking on any additional staff. Failure to manage the workload correctly is not an option when it may be a matter of life and death.

Managing the contact center had been an ongoing concern for SAMU 44 for several years. The organization conducted a needs analysis, and determined that it required better visibility into its call volumes, and the ability to analyze performance and implement optimization measures. The difficulty lay in finding the appropriate tools and an effective strategy for handling call flows, and then reproducing this strategy in relation to SAMU 44’s specific needs. NextiraOne, a Genesys Gold Partner, recommended a Genesys solution consisting of a robust and sustainable routing software suite which is 100% operational 24/7 ― vital for a medical emergency service. 

Today, specific routing strategies automatically direct healthcare professionals in the region to the right operator to ensure rapid and effective processing. This reduces the time needed to handle calls, especially in serious cases. The new system also enables SAMU 44 to handle more calls, and now operators can identify urgent calls and locate callers who hang up. What’s more, the intelligent contact center has a range of KPIs to monitor the number of calls, the work load, and the percentage of calls answered in under a minute. The service can also monitor activities in real time and take necessary measures in unexpected situations. The impact has been considerable. SAMU 44 customer satisfaction surveys show a considerable increase in overall quality of service (QoS), which has gone up from to 90% to 96%.


  • Increased the number of calls handled without increasing the number of agents, and dramatically reduced the number of missed calls
  • Improved call management thanks to the creation and monitoring of key performance indicators
  • Customer satisfaction surveys showed that overall quality of service improved from 90% to 96%
  • Enjoys the option to add new, non-voice contact options, including video and GPRS services

"All kinds of routing scenarios are possible. We can create new scenarios in line with our actual needs and circumstances. Flexibility is one of the key benefits of the Genesys solution."

Dr. Frédéric Berthier, Operational Director of Medical Process, SAMU 44


  • Wanted to intelligently analyze and optimize contact center performance
  • Needed to increase agents' productivity and ability to respond to growing call volumes
  • Sought to integrate new technologies and non-voice data flows