eLong is a leader in online accommodations reservations in China, with over 66,000 daily hotel bookings, many of which are submitted through mobile devices. eLong is committed to providing reservation services for hotel rooms as well as air and train tickets through multiple channels including mobile devices, desktops, fixed phones and tablet applications. Currently, eLong has established a comprehensive services network covering 370,000 hotels, guesthouses, and apartments in over 200 countries, offering consumers a wide range of reservations services.

The Genesys SIP-based Customer Experience Platform, has permitted eLong to fulfill the demand for high scalability and customization of contact centers commonly required by large online businesses. The Genesys Customer Experience Platform enables enterprises to meet and exceed customers’ needs and expectations by providing unique customer journeys and allocating workload and service levels for each customer with greater efficiency. The solution powers eLong to provide customer services consistently across all touchpoints, multimedia channels and various applications, not only for marketing and sales functions at the front office, but also the operations from the back office. Relying on Genesys for mobile solutions, eLong.com can now enjoy cost savings of about 400K RMB (65K USD) per month.


“Genesys enhances customer experience, maintains customer loyalty and reduced cost. From my working experience with Genesys employees, I’m very impressed with their professionalism, innovation and friendly working style. ”

Huamei Huang
Director of Customer Services Department.