The City of Edmonton, located in the Canadian province of Alberta, experienced the impact of economic recession on its collections. It relied on three agents to make up to 120 calls per day to collect on overdue ambulance bills, with minimal results. Since agents in traditional manual and predictive dialing environments can spend 50-75% of their time making manual call attempts and reaching the wrong party, answering machines and voicemail systems, the City sought an automated solution to increase the time agents spent actually collecting on past due accounts.

The City of Edmonton collections division immediately recognized the value of a hosted automated voice messaging solution. It chose Genesys Cloud because of its flexible pay-as-you go platform as well as its expertise in the collections space. Capabilities such as 98% answering machine detection and call suppression help the Genesys Cloud solution produce superior results.

With its manual system, the City of Edmonton was only able to place about 3,000 calls a month, reaching only about 400 contacts. The Genesys Cloud solution initiates nearly 12,000 calls a month, reaching over 2,800 contacts. A call pacing algorithm lets Genesys Cloud automatically adjust outbound call attempts to the number of available agents.

The City of Edmonton is able to maximize portfolio penetration and revenue collected while maintaining a cost-per-contact rate that is significantly lower than the cost of a live agent.


  • 700% increase in reaching contacts
  • $600,000 additional revenues from collections efforts
  • $330,000 in revenue from insurance claims, based on insurance information collected by Genesys Cloud

“Genesys Cloud helped the City of Edmonton increase portfolio penetration by over 100% and improve our collections revenue by over $600,000 from the year before.”

Shafiq Islam, Collections and Credit Manager, The City of Edmonton



  • Free agents from manual call attempts and reaching wrong parties, answering machines and voicemail systems, so they could spend more time actually collecting on past due accounts
  • Increase collections revenue