The City of Avondale is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. state of Arizona, and a two-time Digital Cities of America honoree.

The City sought an IVR platform solution that would address ever-growing constituent calling volumes, improve access to family assistance resources, and reduce utility disconnects – without capital investments in hardware, software and staffing. City officials opted to seek a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution to meet its voice and call handing needs. This solution had to be flexible enough to handle a heavy call load and robust enough to deliver on both current and future needs, such as mobile integration and increased analytics.

They selected Genesys cloud-based inbound and outbound IVR solutions to help them build – in less than 90 days – a consolidated IVR platform designed to support a range of services.

As a result, the City is able to render services with more focus and time for customers. A Family Assistance inbound IVR helps manage and prioritize constituent call loads in the Neighborhood and Family Services Department. The Utilities Disconnect Notification outbound IVR allows callers to make immediate payments or set up payment plans that avoid service disconnects. After just a few months using Genesys, the City’s customer service staff, with only nominal technical assistance, built an outbound IVR service to provide garbage pick-up reminders that ensure citizens and businesses know when pick-ups will occur around holidays.


  • Created significant staff cost and time savings
  • Minimized scenarios in which constituents lose essential services
  • Improved cash flow

Since implementing the Genesys cloud-based IVR services platform, utility disconnections have been cut by almost half and the City’s Bad Account ratio is under 1%.



  • Address growing volume of constituent calls without capital investment
  • Find a solution that could deliver on both current and future needs