Read the full story on how attending Genesys University accelerated contact center growth and created new services for customers.

Cablemás is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Mexico. Established in 1968 to provide cable television services, the company today additionally offers telephony services and Internet access to over 2.8 million homes in 49 cities across the north, northwest, south, southeast, and center of the country.

Cablemás originally turned to Genesys solutions to ensure that their contact center was delivering the best customer service possible in a competitive market. Then, to make sure they were fully informed on how to optimize use of the solutions, they sought training at Genesys University.

“Genesys University offers an excellent service that analyzes your needs in terms of knowledge, and examines the content of each course to see how they fit or need to be adapted depending on the solutions currently deployed in the contact center, or other requirements that you may have,” says Fernando Santiago, Communications and Call Center Manager, Cablemás. “My initial goal in attending training at Genesys University was to acquire formal knowledge of platforms and tools, but the results have gone much deeper than I ever imagined. Quite simply, the training received has allowed us to discover the full potential and value of our investment.”


  • In-depth training on the solutions and applications adapted to internal requirements
  • Reduced call abandonment rate from 8% to just 3%
  • Increased number of outbound calls made in collection campaigns from 10,000 per day to 25,000
  • Increased contact success rate percentage from 35% to 44%
  • Improved overall customer service and client satisfaction
  • Opportunities to interact with other participants, enabling exchanges of experience, knowledge, and ideas

“We have improved our customer service and client satisfaction thanks to the training and services provided by Genesys University.”

Fernando Santiago, Communications and Call Center Manager, Cablemás


  • To learn about the optimized use of solutions and product cycles to ensure value of investment
  • To take advantage of existing Genesys solutions to their full potential
  • To ensure an optimal customer experience