For e-commerce companies like, fast and effective service is key to maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. Their 32-person customer service team is responsible for managing inquiries about re-orders, shipping and other questions, and also works with its 30 suppliers to resolve customer issues and track reorders and changes. 

For every issue that requires follow-up, sends customers an email asking about their service experience 30 days after the request was made. “One of our customers’ most common complaints was the lack of follow-up on their service issues,” said Martin Claggett, director of operations for “In other words, they weren’t getting answers to their questions, or their complaints went unresolved. We needed to take a closer look at how we managed customer service follow-up to identify processes that could be improved.” 

“We realized that each of our customer service agents had their own methods for managing follow-up, which led to variations in our overall approach to resolving customer problems,” said Claggett.



  • Improved agent productivity– agents take 25% more calls
  • Better consistency of interactions with customers and suppliers
  • Significant decrease in training time
  • Improved customer satisfaction through guided process flows
  • Successful customer service deployment extended to accounting department

“IPA has helped us cost-effectively root out the source of our inefficiencies, which has resulted in the kind of consistent, positive customer experience that drives repeat business and referrals.”

Martin Claggett
Director of Operations



  • Improve speed and consistency of follow-up on service issues
  • Increase visibility into processes to eliminate inefficiencies