The BC Liberal Party is a political party based in the province of British Columbia. They are the provincial governing party and have been since 2001. In politics, call centers are used for a number of reasons. In between election campaigns the BC Liberal Party uses it for community building. In the last campaign they had 3.1 million voters registered roughly in 87 constituencies. The challenge of the BC Liberal Party was having to try and call every single voter and get them to come out and support the party and vote for them in the election campaign.

The BC Liberal Party uses Genesys PureCloud as their primary platform for call center operations. Now, because PureCloud has a rich API structure, they’re able to hook into that and drag all the information from their call center directly their custom proprietary software that runs their entire party operations.


  • Improved scalability of contact center platform
  • Integrated four separate contact centers across the country
  • Achieved 775,000+ phone in about 60 days of calling

“PureCloud is successful for us because it’s kind of an all-in-one solution and when we got it working, we could take it to scale.”

Hoong Neoh, Director
IT and Development
Today’s BC Liberals


  • Needed a platform to scale up and down during and in between election campaigns