Atos Turkey provides outbound services for most major banks through 1,000 agents. Managing high-volume campaigns was not easy. Agents’ performance was held back by legacy systems. Each unsuccessful call was a potential profit lost.

Screening out no-answers, busy signals and answering machines improved dramatically with intelligent Genesys predictive dialing algorithms. That minimizes time agents spend between conversations.

Reporting and analysis tools in the Genesys Customer Experience platform insure accurate and flexible reports for clients and internal performance assessment needs. Moreover, the new platform’s management and maintenance costs are much lower.


  • With predictive dialing the proportion of failed calls dropped from 25 percent to one percent—a 10 percent increase in agent productivity
  • Setting up a new campaign takes no more than two days and, most often, much less
  • The legacy system occupied 11 racks, but the Genesys solution takes up only one rack supporting the company’s Green IT goal

“We carefully defined selection criteria and a rating scale, putting all options through a meticulous, fair evaluation. Genesys Contact Center Modernization ticked every box.”

Celalettin Ozturk
CIC Telephony Subgroup Manager
Atos Turkey


  • Overcome legacy constraints to improve outbound calling performance
  • Drive down the percentage of unsuccessful calls to raise profitability
  • Reduce costs and improve sustainability