Although many financial services customers still prefer to visit a branch, a growing number choose to transact online or using a smartphone. At the forefront of this trend, half the Turkish population is aged between 13 and 24 and registered on Facebook.

“We reply to around 2,000 posts on Twitter and Facebook every month. It’s a great way to gauge customer experience, extend customer care and gather feedback for future services.”

Using Genesys Digital Channels, Akbank has turned its Internet banking portal into a self-service channel with the option of video sessions — putting a human face on online customer interactions. Akbank is paying importance to Direct Banking customers and the customers that prefer remote service. After announcing the new video-enabled mobile banking application in 2014, number of Direct Banking customers has doubled. 


  • Direct Banking customer numbers are doubled after announcing new video-enabled mobile banking application

“Our customers are shifting from voice to digital interactions. Omnichannel innovation gives customers easier ways to do business, like self-service and web chat.”

Ender Durukan
Senior Vice President, Contact Centers


  • Meet the banking needs of young, tech-savvy population
  • Differentiate the customer experience
  • Improve contact center sales and efficiency