For over 30 years AFP Habitat has been focused on the importance of planning and saving for retirement. And they do so with a goal in mind: improving their customers’ quality of life through superior social security benefits. The company received the Platinum Performance Award for performance from Fund Pro and Estrategia.

As a leading pension fund administrator, AFP Habitat fosters innovation and excellence through effective resource optimization. And one of the choices they made was Genesys Cloud. AFP Habitat sought a more stable and complex environment to service customers. With the prior platform users had to cope with multiple siloed systems, resulting in poor contact resolution and customer service.

With the Genesys cloud solution, AFP Habitat has significantly increased customer service and is now positioned as the industry leader in pension fund administrator sector (ICSA, AFP’s service quality index).


  • Increased self-service—35% to 60% more interactions without the need to transfer to an agent 

“The Crossnet team is fully committed and always ready to help. Their main asset is their people, who are knowledgeable about best practices application and platform capabilities.”

Valenzuela Meneses
Remote Channel Assistant Manager
AFP Habitat


  • Deliver superior self-service
  • Improve customer experience
  • Accelerate first contact resolution