Afni is one of the leading private customer care, sales, and collections companies in the United States servicing primarily the telecommunications and insurance industries. Since 1936, Afni has helped companies manage customer relationships.  For its consumer collections solutions, Afni recognizes the urgency to recover past-due account balances while staying compliant, and protecting brand equity.  

Reducing costs is critically important in debt collections, a traditionally high-volume, low-margin business. Afni sought to better penetrate its monthly receivables contact list and generate more right-party conversations. Afni turned to Genesys, a trusted partner for more than a decade, to participate in a pilot of cloud-based outbound dialers for predictive- and preview-dialed calls against a major industry competitor.

Afni found the Genesys industry-leading predictive pacing algorithm optimally blended calls from predictive dialing, preview dialing, inbound IVR, and outbound IVR campaigns into a single agent group, and enabled them to generated more right-party conversations on a more frequent basis and successfully impacted their overall contact center agent metrics.

Basic reporting was acceptable for agent level data, but the wealth of information Afni was able to derive from the Genesys customizable analytics package was valuable for data mining purposes. These tools provided Afni with a wealth of usable and actionable information that they were able to leverage to improve campaign performance and help drive collections efforts.


  • 35% reduction in outbound costs per dollar collected from that channel
  • Produced 93% agent utilization without impacting abandonment rates 
  • Decreased call abandonment rates by half to nearly 9%
  • Improvement in promise to pay contacts of 39% 

“Clearly the Genesys Proactive Customer Communications solution and the strength of the dialer and inbound/outbound IVR put our minds at ease. The fact that we can ratchet agent schedules up and down while balancing inbound vs. outbound without hurting abandonment rates, was extremely attractive to us and resulted in a measurable improvement in our collections success.”

John O’Donnell
Vice President Receivables


  • Improve contact center efficiencies
  • Maximize agent productivity without negatively impacting call abandonment
  • Blend multiple inbound and outbound channels to single agent group
  • Decrease costs per promise to pay
  • Increase in dollars collected per agent hour