Beyond the Checklist: Top 10 Capabilities to Look for in Cloud Contact Centers

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Cloud, On-Premises or Hybrid?

August 20, 2014 | 11:00 am PDT

What are the Top Five Considerations When Choosing Your Contact Center Solution

Forrester Research notes that 60% of CX professionals surveyed are committed to differentiating or distinguishing their organizations from competitors on the basis of customer experience. Organizations looking to modernize and differentiate their contact centers have three major deployment options to consider when introducing new capabilities: on-premises, in the Cloud, or a hybrid solution. Join us and we’ll take you through the top five considerations so you can choose the right deployment model for your contact center.

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Improve Customer Experience by Proactively Engaging Customers on the Web

August 26, 2014 | 9:00 am PDT

This webinar and demo will be provided in French.

Organizations are impacting the customer experience beyond the call center – by proactively engaging customers through various channels – including the web. Learn how the Genesys Proactive Engagement solution can make your website proactive communications channel – providing an effective and seamless customer experience. 

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Delivering Proven Speech Analytics For Collections

September 4, 2014 | 11:00 am PDT

The most important resource in your contact center is your agents; they are also your most expensive!  Agents who forget to state the mini-Miranda or say that the calls they handle are being recorded increase your organizations exposure to compliance litigation.  Using speech analytics as a compliance tool also drives agent productivity and collections performance as well.  Join this webinar to learn how speech analytics for collections helps combat these issues, as well as drive better, more predictable agent workflows and increase collections. 

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The Three Game Changers for Mobile Customer Experience

September 4, 2014

Analyst Webinar Featuring Sheryl Kingstone from the 451 Research Mobility Team

Research shows that most of consumers’ time on a mobile phone (60% in the US) is spent interacting with applications. Mobile customer engagement is a huge opportunity for businesses. The more relevant companies can make themselves to customers, the better chance they have to cultivate relationships and grow sales. Register Now for your local session! Learn the 3 game changers of Mobile Customer Engagement that will lead to better Customer Experience and improved loyalty.

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11am PT/ 2pm ET
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Want to See Your Costs Drop & Your Service Levels Surge? Find Out How with Cross-Channel Workforce Management!

September 10, 2014

Want to see your costs drop and your service levels surge? Take a few moments out of your busy day to join this informational webinar and find out how other businesses are leveraging workforce management (WFM) solutions to strengthen their cross-channel customer care strategies!

11am AEST / 9am SGT
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North America
11am PT/ 2pm ET
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Latin America
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The Human Face of Customer Experience Technology

Hear the Michigan Office of Child Support Success Story

Organizations that understand and manage the customer experience journey outperform those that manage the customer experience in business silos. Customers feel more valued while your organization benefits from better efficiencies through high rates of first contact resolution (FCR). Learn how State of Michigan Office of Child Support (OCS) was able to increase productivity and FCR resulting in happier and more satisfied employees and customers.

Four Phases in Redefining Agent Productivity and Risk Mitigation for Collections

The great challenge for collections today is how to be best-in-class in four critical phases of technology: Automation: Focus your agents on the right accounts. Compliance: Simplify meeting TCPA, CFPB and FDCPA requirements for compliant contact strategies across predictive dialer, outbound IVR, email, and text messaging. Speech & Data Analytics: Improve your agent productivity with new “Speech-to-Phrase” technology while simplifying risk mitigation. Channel Blending: Maximize agent productivity by delivering predictive, preview, manual, & inbound to the same agent.

Are You Wasting Time and Money on Leads?

Learn How to Outmaneuver Your Competition

Customer acquisition is a competitive game and acquiring new customers while keeping existing ones loyal requires smart use of resources. Competition for leads, especially high value leads is extremely fierce. Speed to lead and prioritization of all customer requests should be considered in maximizing revenue. Doing this effectively is hard with siloed delivery and customer-care processes. Unifying these silos for best in class customer acquisition, ties into a broader vision of the customer journey making sure that leads become and stay loyal customers. 

The Speech Analytics Solution from Genesys

Is your organization using traditional manual, labor-intensive methods to review your customer interactions? Learn how Speech Analytics can optimize your workforce performance and customer experience by automatically evaluating 100% of conversations.

This webinar and demo will be provided in French.

Using Social Analytics to Check Your Social Customer Care Blind Spot

Webinar With DEMO

The immense volume of social media interactions continues to grow daily. Despite best efforts to monitor and service customers, the noise level gets in the way, and often results in missing key opportunities for you to engage with customers. Getting caught in this social blind spot can result in greater churn and decreased customer loyalty, especially when you use social media for customer service. Register now for this webinar with a LIVE DEMO of Genesys Social Analytics.

Optimizing Your Workforce in an Evolving Contact Center Landscape

Featuring Irwin Lazar & Lisa Durant from Nemertes Research

The contact center landscape is changing. Analytics tools are becoming more commonplace, and workforce optimization tools that support multi-channel routing and distribution are becoming more pervasive. Register now for a webinar featuring Nemertes Research for actionable recommendations for workforce optimization, improving the customer experience and measuring contact center success.

Zen and The Art of Multi-Channel Customer Experience

Webinar with LIVE DEMO. Featuring Steven Larsen from Zendesk

Genesys recently partnered with Zendesk to integrate its Premier Edition Cloud Contact Center solution with the Zendesk platform.  The Genesys - Zendesk integration can help you deliver a sophisticated, multi-channel contact center for up to 250 agents while creating a ‘Zen-like’ experience for its users. Register now to see a LIVE DEMO of the Genesys - Zendesk integration.

Implementing Workforce Optimization Solutions from Your Contact Center Vendor

Analyst Webinar Featuring Donna Fluss, President, DMG Consulting

The benefits of using seamlessly integrated contact center infrastructure (ACD and dialer) and a Workforce Optimization suite are tangible. Register now to gain actionable insights from Donna Fluss, president of DMG consulting, and learn about the potential synergies and benefits when combining WFO and contact center routing from one vendor.

Engage Your Customers Their Way—Why the Cloud is Key to Effortless Customer Experience

Analyst Webinar: Featuring Analyst Art Schoeller of Forrester Research, Inc.

86% of consumers quit doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience (Source: Harris Interactive) Today’s customer is highly mobile and has serious time constraints. As a result, it’s your job to handle customers quickly, efficiently and accurately, regardless of whether they choose to interact with you via phone, social media, email, fax or text. A Genesys cloud-based contact center helps you respond rapidly and appropriately to your customer requests, through any channel. We’ll help you differentiate your brand with new channels and innovative customer conversations.

2014 Contact Center Trends: 14 Trends You Need to Know Now

In a day and age where the contact center landscape is changing at a rapid pace, it has become increasingly clear that it is all about enhancing the customer experience by being at the center of every customer interaction. From multi-channel, to omni-channel, mobile customer engagement and proactive care, each of these trends are an essential part of your cloud contact center strategy and are now required to cater to the informed and tech-savvy customer.

Using Voice to Make Your Customer King

Voice is still the primary channel of choice for customer service, but in today's increasingly competitive marketplace, a company's voice application (IVR) can become an important source of competitive advantage. Building a cloud-based voice application leads to lower costs, faster upgrades, higher ROI, more efficient agents, and ultimately more satisfied customers.

Customer Love Revolution: Four Steps to Customer Empowerment

There is no doubt that customers today are more empowered than ever before. With a wealth of information on company products and services that can be accessed through a myriad of technology tools and channels, it has become extremely evident that the top challenge businesses face in their customer engagement programs is the ability to address the rapidly changing needs of empowered customers.

5 Ways to Differentiate Your Mobile Customer Experience

Webinar with LIVE DEMO

According to IDC, there will be more people accessing the web using a mobile device than a computer by 2015. Mobile apps from most companies are typically limited to e-commerce, with only a few allowing simple click-to-call voice connections from within the app. In today’s mobile-first world, consumers expect that their issue resolution and customer support journeys include mobile touchpoints. Adding customer experience enhancements to your existing mobile app and mobile sites can help drive sales, more quickly address customer issues, and improve loyalty.  Register Now for this webinar with LIVE DEMO!

Take the “Work” Out of Workforce Optimization

Imagine this:  A global team of specialists with unmatched expertise in Customer Experience and Workforce Optimization technology and best practices all working for you without increasing your organization’s headcount. How can you leverage their knowledge to deliver on-demand managed services for workforce management, speech analytics and planning? Register now to learn how Genesys Guru helps you extract even more value out of your Genesys investments, while you focus on delivering Great CX!

Cloud Contact Center Solutions

What Are the Key Considerations When Moving to the Cloud?

During the past several years, cloud-based contact centers have experienced rapid growth. By some estimates, nearly half of all contact center seats will be in the cloud by 2018. A new report from IDC forecasts that, in the United States, spending on on-demand (cloud) contact center services was $733.3 million in 2013 and is poised to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 17.5% to $1.6 billion in 2018. This webcast will discuss the factors driving adoption of cloud technologies and what considerations should be examined when evaluating different on-demand and on-premises solutions.

Orchestrating Customer Journeys: Sell More, Save More, Create Raving Fans

CX Thought Leader Forum produced by CustomerThink

For today’s digitally empowered customers, navigating multiple channels often adds up to a very frustrating experience. To make matters worse, large enterprises can waste millions of dollars in unnecessary service calls to deal with poor multi-channel, multi-touchpoint experiences. Join author of The Customer-Centric Blueprint: Building and Leading the 21st Century Organization, Doug Leather and Genesys VP of Marketing Scott Kolman and learn how customer journey orchestration can save money, make money and build loyalty with great customer experiences

How to Map your Customer Journey to Deliver an Effortless Multichannel Customer Experience

Analyst Webinar Featuring Jason Andersson from IDC

Customer experience is in a state of transition due to the rapid increase in the use of new technology platforms such as mobile devices, apps and social media.  The key to successful use of these technologies lies in mapping your customers’ journey to deliver an effortless multichannel customer experience. Register for this webinar to learn best practices for integrating customer channels and touch points and to hear how leading companies are innovating customer experiences to reduce costs, increase customer retention and increase sales.

Four Cloud Contact Center KPIs for Next-Generation Service

In today’s changing customer experience landscape, the most successful contact centers use key performance indicators (KPIs) that help provide visibility into the customer experience, satisfaction, quality, agent satisfaction, as well as productivity. Without proper KPIs in place to build the best cloud contact center for optimal performance, brands will not have a strategic advantage to successfully manage their contact center from the beginning.

What’s NEXT for Social Care? Harnessing the Power of the Social Enterprise

An ICMI Webinar featuring Blair Pleasant, Principal Analyst, COMMfusion and Lisa Abbott, Director of Product Marketing, Genesys

Who should “own” social media?  The marketing department, or customer service? It’s a widely debated topic, but it’s becoming quite evident that the contact center needs a seat at the table. Whether you’re just considering implementing social support in your contact center, or you’ve been doing it successfully for years, you don’t want to miss this webinar. Join Blair Pleasant, Principal Analyst at COMMfusion and Lisa Abbott, Director of Product Marketing at Genesys as they guide you through the latest and greatest developments in social media customer service. 

The Biggest Customer Experience Challenge: Escaping the Past

Featuring Don Peppers, Founder, Peppers & Rogers

Join customer strategy visionary and acclaimed author Don Peppers and Genesys CMO Reed Henry as they talk about the changing power of customer relationships and the importance of delivering relevant, valuable and trusted customer experiences in today’s digital world. They’ll take an in-depth look at how successful organizations are escaping their past, discuss why customer experience has finally come of age and make key predictions about the future.

Optimize Back Office Efficiency While Boosting Your Customer Experience Scores

Would your back office benefit from improving the number of tasks handled per day by over 50%?1 Back Office efficiency impacts customer responsiveness, requests are handled faster and more accurately aligning with customer expectations and loyalty drivers. Genesys offers integrated technologies which can be critical in optimizing your back office workforce, helping to meet SLAs and improving customer satisfaction. Genesys customers like Sasktel typically increase back office staff occupancy by 10%, with a 15% reduction in full time employee costs. 
1F&S 2013 Global WLM Technology Innovation Award

Making Voice the King of Customer Service

Did you know that voice is still the primary channel of choice for customer service in the United Kingdom?  In today's increasingly competitive marketplace, a company's self-service voice application (IVR) is an important source of competitive advantage. Building a cloud-based voice application leads to lower costs, faster responsiveness to changing customer demands, higher ROI, more efficient agents, and ultimately more satisfied customers.

Rev Up Your Revenue with Analytics-Driven Continuous Workforce Optimization

Do you want to evolve your contact center from a “service organization” to a “revenue generating machine”? But how do you achieve this cultural shift without increasing the total cost of operations? Register now to discover how Speech & Text Analytics capabilities coupled with a streamlined Workforce Optimization (WFO) solution can boost your ability to generate revenue in the contact center. During this webinar, you will learn how Continuous WFO will help you deliver on your ambitious revenue goals.

Building a Customer Experience Driven Contact Center

Featuring Kate Leggett from Forrester Research

In today’s global competitive marketplace, companies are struggling to differentiate their brand. One proven strategy that your company can invest in is improving the customer experience. The adoption of new technologies such as speech analytics and WebRTC can improve the customer experience to help your organization gain competitive advantage, meet compliance requirements and increase revenue in 2014 and beyond.

Why Your Multi-vendor Contact Center is Detrimental to Business Growth

Hear the VISA Success Story

Multi-channel touchpoints have greatly complicated the end-to-end customer journey. Customers expect to receive consistent customer experiences, whichever channel they use, but this is very difficult to deliver when each channel emerges from a separate technology silo. As you think about modernizing your call center infrastructure to a customer-centric, multi-channel contact center, you may want to consider an all-in-one platform based on open standards. Join Jessica Franco, Chief Solution Architect, Contact Center Technology Solutions at VISA Inc. as she shares the VISA success story.

The Next Battleground for Mid-Size Businesses—Multi-Channel Customer Experience

Analyst Webinar

Featuring Analyst: Melanie Turek, Vice President, Research, Enterprise Communications & Collaboration, Frost & Sullivan
Today, the last interaction a customer had with your company defines your brand for them. Disconnected channels, each an island of engagement, erode brand experience. Frost & Sullivan research shows that to succeed in their efforts, companies must prioritize key strategies, consider operational needs, and deploy enabling technologies that will help deliver a seamless multi-channel customer experience. Don’t lose the battle—learn how to win in the age of customer experience.

Creating Stronger Customer Experiences without Breaking the Bank

At a time when financial institutions are under increasing pressure to drive profits and win back customers, banking decision makers need a guaranteed way to improve the overall customer experience and improve bottom line results. Today, many retail banking organizations are moving to cloud-based technology solutions to help drive down operational and IT costs without compromising the experience for your customers.

Set-up and Deploy a Cloud Contact Center in Minutes, Not Weeks

See a LIVE DEMO of Genesys Premier Edition Cloud Contact Center, ideal for contact centers up to 250 agents. It utilizes the award-winning Genesys Customer Experience Platform for routing calls to the right agent the first time, available to you from the cloud. Genesys Premier Edition Cloud Contact Center allows you to create the ideal customer experience, balancing between self-service options and agent assisted service. Register NOW. Discover how easy it is to set up and configure a cloud contact center in minutes.

What are 99% of Your Customers Hiding from You? Find Out with Cloud-Based Speech Analytics

What are 99% of your customers hiding from you? What are they saying and what are your agents communicating back? In today’s market, it is crucial that each brand understands its customers’ conversations in detail not only to ensure quality but to create the perfect customer journey. Register now for this webinar and learn how iconic companies are using cloud-based Speech Analytics solutions to drive their customer experience strategy.

The Economic Imperative of Customer Experience

Analyst Webinar
Leading research shows clear links between great customer experiences and better business results, including improved profits, increased revenue, greater loyalty and positive word of mouth. Join author and renowned customer experience expert Dr. Natalie Petouhoff as she discusses how you can focus on the end to end customer journey and unlock the full business value of great customer experiences.

Take the First 3 Steps to Building a Cross-Channel Customer Experience

Best Practice Webinar
Meeting your customers where they are and offering multiple communication channels is a great start towards delivering great customer experiences. It is critical to look at a cross-channel strategy for customer experience that looks at the ways customers use digital and voice channels in the course of all touch points in a single journey. Register now for this 30-minute webinar and get started on delivering a cross-channel customer experience.

Building Customer Loyalty through Increased First Contact Resolution

First contact resolution (FCR) is often seen as the “Holy Grail” in customer service. However, finding the right available agent versus the first available agent encompasses more than just introducing a new metric and tracking its performance. Through proven best practices, speech analytics and Workforce Optimization capabilities, you will learn to find the right balance while building customer loyalty through increased FCR.

Unleash the Power of Customer Experience

High customer effort. Disconnected digital channels. Siloed departments and lines of business. Delivering consistent and personalized customer experiences across the end to end customer journey requires a company-wide approach and a common technology platform. Register Now for this webinar, and we'll show you how to unleash the power of customer experience by leveraging the latest best practices and technology.

CRMXchange Roundtable

Best Practices in Analytics and Business Intelligence
This roundtable will discuss the top three keys to success with speech analytics: 1) proactively classify every conversation according to all topics discussed; 2) automatically discover emerging trends within conversations; 3) make your analytics actionable.

Crashes, Disasters, Failures, Disruptions—Business Continuity in the Cloud

Business continuity is not optional, the Cloud ensures your services continue through interruptions like IT system crashes, natural disasters, power failures, network carrier service disruptions, lack of available critical applications, and more. With millions of dollars in revenue and customer satisfaction rates at stake, your contact center must be a key part of disaster recovery plan and business continuity strategy. Learn how to keep your business up and running and your customers confident and loyal.

Key Technologies to Ultra Modernize Your Contact Center in 2014

Integrating technologies such as speech analytics, WebRTC, co-browsing and proactive web engagement in 2014 can take your customer experience to the next level and help your organization gain a competitive advantage. Register Now to understand how you can implement these technologies in your Contact Center.

Unleash Contact Center Operational Excellence with Continuous Workforce Optimization

Leading industry analysts estimate that by year-end 2015, 30% of organizations with over 300 agents will adopt an integrated approach to Workforce Optimization—this includes your competition. Are you prepared? Register now for this webinar to learn how to reach contact center operational excellence by managing expenditures while fostering good customer experiences with a comprehensive Workforce Optimization solution.

Top 5 Plays to Improve Your Back Office Productivity for 2014

Despite the enormous investment in back office systems to drive essential work flows such as CRM, ERP and BPM systems, companies still experience tremendous inefficiencies like cherry picking, working to average time versus actual time, misalignment of key resources, and higher turnover. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the top 5 plays that will help you improve Back Office productivity in 2014.

Connecting the End-to-End Customer Journey with a Single, Integrated Customer Experience Platform

Featuring Analyst Firm Gartner and Emirates Airline
Gartner Research Vice President Drew Kraus, Genesys President & CEO Paul Segre, and Emirates Senior Vice President of Retail and Contact Centers Karen Bell-Wright discuss benefits of moving to a single, integrated customer experience platform, and how it can effectively bring your company’s touchpoints, channels and interactions together, while optimizing the productivity and satisfaction of your agents and employees.

Unearth the Hidden Gems in Your Customer Data. Savy Organizations Leverage Speech Analytics to Deliver the Best Customer Service Experiences

Speech Technology Magazine Web Event Featuring Genesys, Avoke Analytics, Avaya and Verint
To consistently create positive customer service experiences organizations must know what customers want. Learning this, though, isn't always easy. Often, the information they need is buried deep in an overwhelming amount of structured and unstructured data. And, as the volume, velocity, and variety of data coming into organizations increases, it makes it increasingly difficult to find and unearth these gems. Thankfully, some practical uses of speech analytics are enabling organizations to do exactly that. Join Genesys, Avoke Analytics, Avaya and Verint in this one-hour Speech Technology Magazine on demand web event to learn how speech analytics is improving customer interactions.

Custom Webinar with ICMI - Create Customer Journeys that Propel your Contact Center Forward in 2014

Featuring Jacqueline Anderson, Director, Social Media and Text Analytics, J.D. Power and Associates
Without a doubt, 2013 was the year of the customer. Customers today demand service on their terms -- through social media, intelligent and relevant self-service, and their always-turned-on-smart phones. In this webinar, we’ll take a look at where the multichannel contact center needs to be in 2014 to meet these challenges, and show you how to design compelling customer journeys for success in the coming year. Let us help set you up for a successful 2014. Join us for this informative, “can’t miss” hour long webinar perfect for call center managers and customer service leaders planning and preparing for the year ahead. Register Now.

Focus Your Customer Experience Efforts On Your Customers, NOT Contact Center Agents

Traditional contact center metrics are agent driven and don't align well with customer expectations. Think about it, agents are not at the center of customer experience; customers are. After all, agents cannot influence sales and brand promises, self-service channels or back office efficiency. Register now for this 30-minute webinar. Hear how leading brands put customers back at the center of customer experience by recognizing non-contact center functions which have a direct impact on customer experience.

SOA – A Strategic Approach to Designing your Next-Generation Customer Engagement Environment

Customers today expect consistent, value-added answers across all supported media types. They also expect to be able to start an interaction using one media type, and complete it on another without having to re-start the conversation. The biggest challenge with most contact centers is that the communication channels and the agents supporting them are siloed from one another. Register now for this webinar to learn the benefits of adopting SOA as your Customer Experience platform strategy, and more!

5 Steps for Building a World-Class Contact Center in 2014

Changes in customer behavior and expectations are causing organizations to make dramatic shifts in how they engage with customers. As a result, contact centers are undergoing dramatic changes in priorities, technologies, processes and metrics. Get a head start to 2014. Register Now for this webinar and learn the 5 steps to keep in mind when building a world-class contact center.

Your Competition Has Gone to the Cloud! Why It’s Time to Migrate Your Contact Center to the Cloud Too.

Custom Webinar with No Jitter, Featuring Analyst, Sheila McGee-Smith, founder and principal analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics
Migrating software applications to “the Cloud” has become an integral component of many companies’ customer experience strategy. Successful businesses are differentiating their brands by delivering optimal customer journeys with new, innovative multi-channel cloud contact center solutions. In this Webinar, we’ll highlight several contact centers, their best practice customer journeys, and identify the key areas to consider when moving to the cloud to power your brand’s differentiation.

Benefits Of Migrating Your Enterprise Contact Center To The Cloud In 2014

Great customer experience can be a strategic competitive advantage for enterprises today as consumers select companies to do business with based on their reputation for customer service. With customer engagement preferences evolving at a rapid pace, large enterprises are adopting cloud contact center solutions to bring rapid innovation, scalability and flexibility to customer interaction channels. Register Now learn more about the benefits of migrating your enterprise contact center to the cloud in 2014.

Beyond the Checklist: Top 10 Capabilities to Look for in Cloud Contact Centers

Featuring Dan Miller, Sr. Analyst, Opus Research
Cloud contact center providers offer a checklist of standard features such as IVR and self-service; inbound, outbound and blended routing; multichannel support and so on. Though the list seems long, it amounts to only table stakes, the minimum offering that decision makers should expect from any credible vendor. Register now for this webinar. We will go beyond the checklist and discuss top 10 capabilities you need to look for when selecting your cloud contact center.

Custom Webinar with ICMI - The Customer Journey Redesigned: Looking Ahead to 2014

As we wrap up another year, it’s time to look ahead and begin planning for 2014. What’s next for the contact center, and how can you prepare? We want to know what’s on your radar, and share what we think is ahead. What can we do to make the customer experience better in 2014? In this webinar we will focus on the evolving needs of today’s customer, as well as provide insights into what market leading customer experience companies are doing to engage customers. With multichannel engagement on the rise, perhaps it’s time for a customer journey redesign. Register now!

Revolutionizing Contact Center Quality Management with Speech Analytics

Traditional Quality Management (QM) programs rely on a person listening to calls and manually scoring each conversation according to criteria that is often vaguely defined and open to interpretation. Due to its manual nature, this is a time-consuming, expensive and a subjective process. Register now for this webinar. We will present a LIVE DEMO and a case study. Learn how Speech Analytics resolves the challenges inherent to traditional QM.

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Your Contact Center To the Cloud

Cloud contact centers are becoming a viable solution to unlocking agility and providing the flexibility enterprises need to cost-effectively differentiate their customer experience, while delivering at the performance and scale needed. Join us for this webinar as we share years of experience as operators, consultants and suppliers to some of the most advanced contact centers in the world.

The Next Big Customer Experience Trend: 1 to 1 Engagement

As the strategic impact of customer experience increases, successful organizations are delivering personalized and seamless customer conversations across all channels and company touch points. Register now for this webinar. Learn how the world’s leading companies are driving top line revenue and profits with engaging 1 to 1 customer experiences.

Webinar with CustomerThink - Actionable Analytics Big Insight as a Force for Good in Contact Center Ex

In a multi-channel world, listening to—and truly hearing—the Voice of Customers has become much more challenging. Fortunately, social media and call recordings are types of interaction-based Big Data that can be mined for actionable insight, a Top 10 IT trend according to Gartner. Progressive companies are now using "big insight" to improve the customer experience, reduce churn and even boost agent selling—while continuing to run a cost-effective operation. Join this CX Forum webinar to learn how actionable analytics can make contact center leaders strategic partners in customer experience success. Register Now.

Beyond CRM and BPM - Integrating the Front and Back Office to Prioritize Work and Close Sales

The customer's experience with your company isn't over until service is delivered or the transaction is completed. In many cases, this requires sales or customer service to move customer interactions and/or related work to the back office for fulfillment. SaskTel, a leading telecommunications provider, has leveraged Genesys Enterprise Workload Management to improve sales and revenue, while creating a great customer experience by efficiently using back office resources. To learn more, register now.

Government Webinar Series #5 - Cloud Goes Public: Why Government Agencies are Ready to Transition

Government agencies are turning to cloud solutions for the benefits of rapid deployment, flexibility and ease of use. Discover how moving to the cloud for your cross-channel customer experience solutions can maximize ROI and improve customer service while offering reliability, control and security.

Cloud-based Contact Center – Is it right for you?

Are you looking to improve customer experience? Are you a mid-sized business that demands simplicity and speed at a sensible price point, or a large enterprise that requires a customized and highly scalable solution? In this webinar, Genesys will discuss why a cloud-based contact center solution may be the right approach for you.

It’s Time to Replace Your Old Call Center ACD. What Are Your Next Steps?

By replacing outdated Automated Call Distribution (ACD) and PBX solutions within your call center, you can eliminate maintenance, upgrade, and operational costs associated with legacy hardware-based solutions. Now, SIP-based Contact Centers provide complete ACD functionality without the traditional hardware limitations and investments. To learn more register now for this 30 min webinar.

Government Webinar Series #4 - Social and Mobile, Oh My! Best Practices for Integrated Customer Service

Your customers have gone social and are connecting with you on mobile devices. Join for best practices on integrating customer interactions across all channels in your pursuit to modernize and add value to the daily lives of citizens.

Government Webinar Series #6 - Modern Customer Service is Not Just for the Private Sector

When it comes to customer service expectations, we don’t draw a line between the private and public sectors. Agencies have to find ways to be more efficient with constrained resources while achieving the promise of digital government and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Join a panel of government industry leaders on innovative citizen-centric strategies.

Closing the Back Office Service Gap With Enterprise Workload Management

Featuring Karl Whitelock from Frost and Sullivan
Enterprises today are realizing that they need to consider options beyond contact centers to integrate the front and back-office environments and work distribution associated with customer service processes. The front-office to back-office “gap” can be filled by Enterprise Workload Management systems that augment existing customer relationship management (CRM), business process management (BPM) and workforce management (WFM) tools to create a unified approach to meet the business goal of improving customer experience. Register now for this webinar. We will also present two use cases.

Genesys In Action Webinar: How To Use Speech Analytics to Improve Your Customer Experience

Improving customer experience and contact center performance are common goals and yet are often "never ending" endeavors because many don't know how to discover the hidden gold of actionable insights that occur within each and every contact center conversation. Register Now for this webinar with DEMO. Learn how your organization can leverage Speech Analytics to unearth the gold in your conversations.

Genesys In Action Webinar: 5 Steps to Delivering Social Customer Service

Where should social customer service reside? Marketing, PR, Customer Service? Find out how leading companies are mobilizing for success. Register Now. Watch a quick demo to see Genesys powers the world’s top customer experiences. Learn how you can succeed at delivering social customer service with a 5 step program.

Genesys in Action Webinar: Seamless Cross Channel Customer Service

Leading contact centers engage their customers with personalized, 1-to-1 customer service across all channels - chat, web, mobile and voice. Register now for this 30-minute Genesys In Action webinar. See a demo on how Genesys can help you deliver 1-to-1 customer service to increase your brand loyalty and share of wallet.

Government Webinar Series #3 - Optimizing the Workforce - The Heart of Your Customer Service Operation

Increased scrutiny on public budgets forces many government agencies to rely on outdated systems, making it impossible to optimize the use of their most expensive asset – the workforce – and meet citizen expectations for multiple channels and increased service quality. In this webinar, discover the tools to make the most of your existing resources. Join us every 3rd Tuesday of the month for 30 minutes at 11 a.m. PST thru September for the entire educational series addressing how government can take a more sophisticated view of what customer experience means to the public sector.

Six Sigma: 8 Types of ‘Waste’ in Customer Service

To transform your business into a customer centric organization you could adopt the Six Sigma methodology for continuous improvement. In particular, the concept of “Muda” or “Waste” in Japanese is very relevant. Register now. We will discuss 8 types of waste in customer service and how you can address them.

1:1 Customer Service Best Practice #6 - Build a Dynamic Contact Center Routing Strategy

Building a contact center routing strategy that considers customer value, priority rules, your resources, skills and skill levels, a contingency plan, etc. is a lot to think about. Register now for this webinar. Learn how you can create a dynamic routing strategy that utilizes variables for key components can greatly improve stability and speed to market for small business logic changes.

Cloud Based 1 to 1 Customer Engagement

Highly personalized customer experience can be a strategic competitive advantage for companies today. Being able to provide personal, 1-to-1 customer engagement with every interaction can help increase customer loyalty and maximize customer value. If you are looking for a cloud based, 1-to-1 customer engagement solution for your contact center, Register Now to learn how you can take advantage of Genesys’ world-class solutions.

1:1 Customer Service Best Practice #5 - Connect the Dots Between Contact Center Metrics and Customer Experience

Tracking traditional contact center metrics such as queue time, talk time and hold time is important. But it is even more important to capture data that allows you to measure customer experience. Register for this 30 minute webinar to learn what a modern contact center reporting solution looks like.

Government Webinar Series #2 - Stop Customer and Staff Frustration Associated With Massive Workload Backlog

Government agencies answer to all kinds of requests, from inbound calls and lobby traffic to email, web forms, claims and applications all leading to massive backlogs and even more follow-up calls and ultimately poor customer service. Learn how to avoid this cycle on our webinar and join us every 3rd Tuesday of the month for 30 minutes at 11am PST thru September for the entire educational series addressing how government can take a more sophisticated view of what customer experience means to the public sector.

1:1 Customer Service Best Practice #4 - Integrate Workforce Management with Contact Center Routing

In a multi-skilled, multi-channel environment, it is critical for your contact center routing to have a tight integration with your workforce management platform. Register now for this webinar with LIVE DEMO. Learn how integrating contact center routing with workforce management can help you optimize your workforce and reduce over staffing.

1:1 Customer Service Best Practice #3 - Take Your Contact Center Routing Out of the Queue

In today’s highly competitive business environment, defining agent skills based on Automated Call Distributor (ACD) queues or types of calls isn’t enough anymore. You need to be able to route the interaction to a resource that is qualified to not only answer questions, but also has the appropriate skills and skill levels to repair a damaged relationship. Register now for this webinar and learn how you can find the BEST available agent with the right skill profile and not the longest available agent.

Should You “Switch-off” Your ACD? Hear Why CareFirst BCBS is Switching to a SIP-based Contact Center

If your ACD-based contact center has become a road block for adding capacity or adding channels such as social media and mobile, you might want to think about making the switch to a SIP-based Contact Center solution. Register now for this webinar and hear the CareFirst BCBS success story.

How SIP Delivers Your Next-Generation Customer Service Platform

Featuring Keith Dawson from Ovum
Register now for this webinar. Keith Dawson from Ovum will discuss how to build a roadmap to transition from legacy contact centers based on ACD/PBX switching systems to a more modern, flexible, fully-capable contact center based on SIP.

Next-Generation Government for the Next-Generation Customer

White House initiatives are challenging you to bring the customer experience found in private business to your public sector customers. Hear from Ovum Government Technology Analyst regarding Customer Experience Management (CEM) in the US Government. And join us every 3rd Tuesday of the month for 30 minutes at 11am PST thru September for the entire educational series addressing how government can take a more sophisticated view of what customer experience means to the public sector.

1:1 Customer Service Best Practice #2 - One-to-One Routing

Managing a dynamic contact center requires an understanding of who the customer is, identifying intent, and then directing the customer to the most cost effective resource. Register now for this webinar. You will learn how any to any routing can create a memorable and meaningful customer experience.

1:1 Customer Service Best Practice #1 - Maximizing Customer Value

Customer segmentation strategies help focus on servicing, retaining, and developing high value customers. Low value/low opportunity customers are directed to lower-cost service options such as self service or assisted service. But this approach could be costing you customers and revenue. Register now for this webinar. Learn how to design contact center routing that maximizes customer value while improving customer experience for all your customers.

Migration Strategies for Contact Center Virtualization

Migrating from a legacy TDM based contact center with site/queue based routing to a virtualized customer service environment with intelligent routing may seem like a daunting task. Register now for this webinar. We will present use cases with specific recommendations and best practices.

Contact Center Routing Strategies for Improving Customer Experience

Register now for this webinar. An intelligent routing strategy goes beyond reducing wait times or call resolution times. While operational efficiency is an essential objective, the bigger payoff of intelligent routing comes from improving the customer experience.

webRTC - The Future of Real-time Customer Service

Register now for this webinar. Genesys and Google Chrome for Business will share their vision for how real-time voice and video conversations can take place from the browser, without any plugins or extensions.

OMG! Mobile and Social Customer Service

Learn best practices for integrated customer service. Find out how to take a holistic approach across all channels is the key.

Ending the Multichannel Frustration. Insights into Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Featuring Principal Analyst Kate Leggett from Forrester Inc.
Insights into Delivering Exceptional Multichannel Customer Service

Contact Center Buying Decision. THREE Things to Consider.

Learn which options are right for you to provide a better customer experience and lower your TCO.

Aligning Contact Center Metrics with Your Customer Experience Strategy

Learn KPIs that matter to the whole business, not just the contact center.

Save up to 50% by Migrating from an ACD/PBX Environment to a SIP-based Contact Center.

Hear the Ticketmaster Success Story
Find out how Ticketmaster realized remarkable savings and improved customer service by migrating to a SIP solution. Hear their story from guest speaker, Elizabeth Gotto, SVP Global Contact Center Technology.

Genesys In Action Webinar: Use Mobile Applications to Take Customer Service to the Next Level

Find out how to transform your customer service with mobile apps that provide real service. This webinar includes a product demo.

Genesys Presents: Striking the Right Balance Between Customer Service and Contact Center TCO

Participate in a panel discussion and address hard-hitting questions of direct relevance to the success of your business.