Your brand is defined by the customer experience you deliver.

The way customers experience your brand is changing. They learn more about your company from people they know than they do from you. They have more ways to voice their satisfaction — or dissatisfaction — to others.

In today’s highly social and mobile world, providing customers an excellent experience is what sets your brand apart.

Customer service is increasing in impact.

Your opportunity to connect with customers, on both a functional
and emotional level, is more powerful than ever.

Yet, many companies are challenged to benefit from it.

Only 1IN4 contact center experiences are good ones
Only 20% of executives
say they support mobile applications
Only 1IN3 companies respond to tweets about customer service

When it comes to the customer experience, are you delivering what you promised?

Companies today still rely on traditional advertising to promote their
brand, spending far less on customer service and contact centers where
the customer experience actually takes place.

In a recent global study, nearly half of C-Level and senior executives
said that marketing still dominates the dialogue with customers.
When it comes to deploying new customer channels like social media and
mobile, customer service is often not a priority.

BRAND PROMISE: $500 billion
BRAND EXECUTION: $10 billion
The Economist Study

Today’s customers want a
simple and fast experience.

But it can be difficult to deliver across your company.

Genesys is helping thousands of businesses around the world deliver a great customer experience every time – over every channel.

Create the new conversation.

Delivering today’s customer experience requires a company-wide approach that aligns new and existing channels—including social media and mobile—and encompasses people and departments from across your business, including customer service organizations and contact centers, marketing, the back office, branch locations, and the C-Suite.

CONNECT ME across channels
HELP ME with empowered
REMEMBER ME and personalize
my experience
Genesys delivers customer
service solutions:
  • Contact centers and IVR
  • Web, social and mobile customer service
  • Analytics and workforce optimization
  • Back office
  • Cloud
Genesys also features:
  • Business consulting and services
    that deliver proven
    best practices
  • A global presence in
    80 countries with
    2,000 employees
  • An ecosystem
    of partners

Genesys brings it together with conversations.

Genesys helps you get there by enabling customer conversations across channels, people, insights, and infrastructure. Our industry-leading, highly extendable platform can stretch from the premise to the cloud and all points in between. It unleashes your potential to:

  • Bring your channels together for fast, seamless service across voice, web, social media, mobile, and video
  • Connect customers to the right resource to speed resolution and processes across contact center agents, knowledge workers, branches and back office personnel
  • Drive context by delivering the right information at the right time for a highly personalized customer experience.
Connecting customers to the right
resources to speed resolution
Branch office, knowledge worker,
back office, contact center agent
Delivering the right information
at the right time to deliver a
highly personalized
Putting it all together
with a single platform that
evolves along with
customer expectations
Bringing your channels together
for fast, seamless service
Across voice, web, social,
mobile, video
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Together with our customers, we are creating a new customer conversation across the enterprise.

Genesys has more than 2,000 customers in 80 countries, including
retail banking, insurance, airlines, telecommunication and mobile service
providers, healthcare, government, high-tech, and retail.

The new customer conversation in action.

Vodacom, the largest mobile communications provider in South Africa, uses Genesys Social Engagement to automate and integrate social media interactions with customers throughout their contact center and customer service operations.


The State of Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS) now uses an innovative self service solution from Genesys to boost online capabilities, which has freed case workers to tackle more urgent cases.


ZON, Portugal’s largest triple play operator, turned to Genesys to fulfill its customer service requirements when it was spun off from its parent and needed to quickly replace the contact center platform it had inherited.


Genesys is a recognized market leader.

Genesys manages more than 100 million interactions every day. Year after year, our technology leads the industry.

  • 2012 Gartner IVR Market Scope:
    Strong Positive
  • 2012 Global Leader in Contact Center Infrastructure Magic Quadrant
  • 2011 Contact Center Marketshare:
    Top 3 Worldwide,
    #1 in Western Europe
  • 2011 Large Contact Center Solutions:
    4 Stars
  • 2012 APAC Contact Center:
    Vendor of the Year

Together, we can create the new conversation.

Let us help you deliver a simple, fast and great experience that connects you with your customers and creates an emotional bond that sets your brand apart.

Create the new conversation now